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Infab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981.  Produce superior lead apron and radiation protection equipment and strive for world-class customer service.

Infab Corporation designs and builds the world’s lightest weight, most comfortable and technologically advanced radiation attenuation products with the highest protection levels of any manufacturer. Infab enabled health care providers and patients to apply and benefit from the diagnostic capabilities of imaging technology with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are protected by the best engineered garments, eye gear and protective barriers on the planet


Infab offers our customers the best core material choices in the industry. Infab’s Smart Armor core guarantee is unlike anything else in the industry, backing our Lead, Lead-Free Composite, Greenlite and KIARMOR Lead-Free with the only warranty against stiffening, cracking and crumbling.

Protection against scatter radiation is critical and that’s why we Infab has developed KIARMOR Lead-Free core material. KIARMOR Lead-Free is the only core material able to pass all three major recognized testing authorities: ASTM, IEC 61331-1 and DIN 6857-1. It is the only lead-free material to ever pass the DIN 6857-1 standard.

Infab manufactures over 1,000 additional products. From aprons, to gloves and eyewear, custom barriers and racks, our full line of protective cassette covers and our patient protection products, Infab has everything you need. It is this superior craftsmanship that allows Smart Armor™ products to carry the industry leading 10-year core warranty.

Bilayer Radiation Protection: KIARMOR

KIARMOR Lead-Free is a new, high-performance and ultra-lightweight radiation protection material, now available in a range of aprons and protective apparel from Infab Corporation.

Lighter and more flexible than any comparable product, Kiarmor Lead-Free provides 40% greater protection against absorbed dose than Lead-free or low-Lead composite materials, and 20% more protection than standard Lead-based equivalents.

Certified to the highest global standards

  • The only lead-free material that passes all 3 universally recognized testing procedures: ASTM F3094-14, IEC 61331-1:2014, DIN 6857-1.
  • Tested and certified by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory – the world-wide calibration authority for X-ray and nuclear radiation
  • Tested and certified within of full range of kV (50kV-150kV)
  • Independently tested and verified in the full keV spectrum of scatter radiation
  • Available in Lead-Free and Low-Lead Bi-layer
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KIARMOR Core Material

Absorbed Dose

X-ray procedures expose medical personnel to a quantity of scatter radiation. ‘Absorbed dose’ describes the quantity of energy absorbed by the body and organs as a result of exposure to ionizing radiation.

Bi-Layer Technology

KIARMOR Bi-layer radiation protection material is made from two distinct, homogenous layers of Lead-free materials and is certified by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for use by Interventional radiologists, cardiologists and healthcare professionals working with radiation in hospitals worldwide.

The Revolution Apron

Featuring the new KIARMOR core material, the all-new REVOLUTION apron re-imagines all aspects of current radiation protection products. Featuring the new revolutionary fabric, it is lightweight, waterproof, abrasion resistant, flame resistant, and bacterial resistant.