Rokid T1 Thermal Smart Glasses

Rokid infrared thermometry AR glasses (T1) is a high-tech product specially developed for epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic. It integrates infrared thermal imaging technology, AI capability, AR technology, big data and other advanced technologies. T1 is the world’s first safe and efficient non-contact temperature monitoring equipment focused on mobile patrols scenes in the public place with large flow of people, including but not limited to hospitals, stations, airports, parks, scenic spots and other scenes, which greatly improves prevention and control efficiency, prevents cross infection, and protects epidemic prevention personnel and ordinary people. It is a high-tech intelligent terminal equipment that can meet the practical needs of body temperature screening, epidemic prevention and control, public security prevention and control, etc

Advantages of Rokid T1 Over Contact Thermometer
Non-Contact Use Cases for Enhanced Safety Compared with the traditional hand-held thermometer, Rokid T1 glasses allows for
measuring from a distance at about 3.3 feet away. There is never a risk of cross infection using T1 as it does not make any physical contact with the person.
Powerful AI for Greater Accuracy
In addition, T1’s embedded deviation-rectifying algorithm brings about greater accuracy. Its detection rate of fever is 100% with a reading accuracy of 99.8%. At a 3.3 feet distance, the
deviation is within ± 0.5 ℃ for outdoor reading and within ± 0.3 ℃ for indoor reading.
Lightweight, Comfortable and Efficient
Weighing in at 180g, Rokid T1 is both well-balanced and comfortable to wear. Its ergonomic design is cooling efficient as well, making it great for continuous wearing while taking
measurements of objects in motion.The temperature measurement speed is fast and the application environment is wide, which greatly improves the individual combat ability of epidemic prevention personnel.
Diverse Application Scenarios on An Open Platform
Rokid T1 can be configured with voice assistant, face recognition, object recognition, license plate recognition, remote assistant, head movement control, visual suite, multiprocess sharing camera and microphone among other capabilities and development kits for
multiple security and business scenarios.