IMDS – Interventional Medical Device Solutions

Interventional Medical Device Solutions is committed to make a difference in the outcome of treatment of complex PCI patients.

ReCross Dual Lumen OTW Micro Catheter

The ReCross Over The Wire Dual Lumen micro catheter is a support catheter to support complex PCI procedures. Beside the ability to exchange both guidewires, the ReCross has an additional exit port in the tip lumen at 180 ° angle of the exit port of the stylet lumen.

Blimp Scoring Balloon Catheter

The Blimp Scoring Balloon Catheter will be used to open the stenotic portion of a coronary artery, bypass graft stenosis and de novo chronic total coronary occlusions (CTO) for the purpose of improving myocardial perfusion. The small sized balloon is intended to dilate the initial opening in the stenosis.

TrapIT Trapping Balloon Catheter

The TrapIT Trapping Balloon Catheter will be used to fixate (trap) a guide wire very distally in a guide catheter to enable exchange of Over the Wire (OTW) catheter like devices keeping the guide wire in place.

NHancer Rx Dual Lumen Micro Catheter

The NHancer Rx is intended to support a guide wire during access of vasculature and allows for exchange of guide wires and provides a conduit for the delivery of diagnostic contrast agents.

Guidion Rapid Exchange Guide Extension

The Guidion Rapid Exchange Guide Extension is meant to extend from the guiding catheter and to be positioned more deeply into the proximal parts of the coronary arteries providing a reactive force in opposite direction as the forces created by maneuvering a device in the coronary artery.

NHancer Pro X

The purpose of the NHancer Pro X is to facilitate the placement of a guide wire through an occluded vessel during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Intervention procedures. This by protecting the wire and giving the wire stability.