THOR UVC Disinfection Robot


THOR UVC® Disinfection is fast and effective – creating more bed & operating theatre capacity whilst providing a cleaner hospital


THOR UVC® has more UVC power killing more germs in the fastest time


The most cost effective way to disinfect your Hospital or Ambulance in minutes.


UV-C Now proven to reduce HAI’s (Healthcare Acquired Infections) by 37%*

THOR UVC® is a high-output UVdisinfection robot using unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens when and where you want. THOR UVC® is intelligent and completely removes the guess work and ineffectiveness of regular cleaning.

THOR® Robot is the latest constant wave UV-C surface and air disinfection technology designed specifically for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment. THOR® incorporates unique patented design features that reduce shadowing. Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) bacterial kill achieved in minutes.* The THOR®   Robot is completely mobile, making it perfect for disinfecting ambulances and suitable for disinfecting patient rooms, operating theatres and all over the hospital, including the smallest of spaces.

HeartSciences’ MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Cardiac Testing Device is a new resting 12-lead electrocardiograph. It uses continuous wavelet transform (CWT) signal processing to provide new frequency and energy information to detect cardiac relaxation abnormalities associated with Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction (LVDD). Extensive research confirms that almost all forms and co-morbidities of heart disease are associated with LVDD including hypertension, diabetes, valvular disease, ischemia, and reduced systolic function.

The MyoVista wavECG Device is an innovative advancement for low-cost electrocardiographic testing designed to provide physicians with new information to improve patient risk-assessment related to heart disease. This additional risk stratification information assists physicians in determining whether a patient should receive further testing, evaluation and/or treatment. In addition to wavECG Information, the MyoVista Device also provides all the information and capabilities of a full-featured conventional resting 12-lead ECG within the same test, at comparable cost, and following the same clinical AHA/IEC lead placement protocol.

We are a leading provider of UV disinfection products and services contributing to the prevention and reduction of HAI’s ( Healthcare Acquired Infections ) by delivering scientifically proven clean cost-effective Rapid UV-C disinfection technologies.


Fast Acting and 
Easy to Operate

THOR UVC® is easily controlled from a hand-held tablet. Highest Output UVC Bulbs ensure an effective germicidal dose within a few minutes. Room and area disinfection treatment reports are automatically generated.


Proven to Destroy 
Deadly Pathogens

THOR UVC® is proven to kill infectious pathogens such as Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, NOROVIRUS, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile and more over a rapid cycle.


Lightning Fast

The Nanoclave Cabinet decontaminates all non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices within 60 seconds, with clinically proven ultraviolet light technology.


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

No consumables needed and no harmful chemicals or residue means major cost savings in comparison to other decontamination products and services.

THOR UVC® ROBOT is easily transportable – perfect for hospital or ambulance use.


THOR® UV disinfection robot is perfect for use all over the hospital, in even the smallest spaces. It can be adjusted for any height between 1.1m and 2.25m, covering floor to ceiling and eliminating shadows, for more thorough disinfection. Its ergonomic handrail and unique 6 caster wheel design make it easy to move from room to room for fast and efficient room turnaround.

With our unique intelligent placement system, THOR® is located into position and automatically extends to the optimum height to eliminate pathogens within dark and shadowed areas, with a room entry sensor that automatically switches off the machine for safety.